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RevServ v3.0.1 BETA update & RevServ v4.0 roadmap.

Posted on: 9/21/17 By: Smokey

It's been awhile! We are still working hard on our changes for RevServ v4.0 and such, but to hold you over, we have released a patch update dubbed v3.0.1 BETA. This is a client-side patch and doesn't contain any bug fixes from 3.0 code, but it does include some visual improvements and some music improvements to the server. Read about all the changes Here on our forums. Thank you for continuing to support RevPSO! We're excited to bring you Version 4.0 of RevServ in the future!

Big changes coming!

Posted on: 3/27/17 By: Smokey

We have some big changes coming to RevPSO in the future! Features players have been requesting will be implemented and a slew of fixes will be pushed out with this next update. RevServ v4.0 will bring more stability and a richer PSO experience!

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